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  • Synced


    AI Technology & Industry Review — syncedreview.com | Newsletter: http://bit.ly/2IYL6Y2 | Share My Research http://bit.ly/2TrUPMI | Twitter: @Synced_Global

  • Coin and Crypto

    Coin and Crypto

    Weekly publication showcasing the best and worst of cryptocurrency.

  • Oleksandr Savsunenko

    Oleksandr Savsunenko

    Research Engineer at Ring, doer/maker/dreamer, father. Author of unbiased experimentation blog FridayExperiment.com

  • Kenny L.

    Kenny L.

    Business | Tech | Practical Startup Tips

  • Italia Medium

    Italia Medium

    Aggregatore di notizie in Italiano su Medium, gestisce la pubblicazione “Il MedItaliano”

  • Tournée da Bar

    Tournée da Bar

  • Aeon Magazine

    Aeon Magazine

    Aeon asks the big questions and finds the freshest, most original answers, provided by leading thinkers on science, philosophy, society and the arts.

  • Lorenzo Fantoni

    Lorenzo Fantoni

    Giornalista freelance. Wired, La Stampa, Vice, Multiplayer.it e soprattutto N3rdcore.it

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